Our Story

Make Math fun, engaging and relevant 

We, Ruchira Modi and Joseph Abraham, have a passion and desire to help students build a deeper understanding of Math and Science. Reflecting on our own experiences as students when learning Math, we found that though we had scored well in Math in school, it always seemed somewhat of an abstract subject and there seemed to be a disconnect between what was taught in class, why it was relevant, and how it was to be applied in the real world. Math ended up being a challenging subject one had to deal with and in which you could score well in tests using repeated practice and memorization as a strategy. However, we believe learning Math should be more than that.

Our belief is that Math should be engaging, relevant, and fun to learn. Students should build an understanding of Math that helps them apply it in the real world.

To solve this problem, after talking to teachers and students about their experiences in class, looking at existing Math products, and leveraging existing educational research, the idea of PrepToon was born. Using the expertise of skilled teacher authors, and expert animators, PrepToon brings together Math concepts, real world applications, and problem solving in the form of interactive creative animations.  It increases learner engagement and provides a visual springboard for starting meaningful Math conversation with kids.

Background: Ruchira holds an engineering degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, a Master's from USC and an MBA from Cornell University. She interned with Teach For America and served as an Education Pioneers fellow, where she helped in  streamlining data in different applications to effectively track student progress. Joseph successfully completed Full Sail University's EMDT (Education Media Design Technology) program that gave him a foundation on effectively using Film-making and technology in Education and holds an MBA degree from Cal State East Bay. Prior to devoting their passion and skills towards Education, Ruchira and Joseph worked in the Technology sector for various high-tech firms and higher-educational institutes.

How PrepToon Helps

Engages learners using rich visuals and creative animations

 Shows relevancy of Math using real world situations

Encourages critical thinking and develops problem solving skills

Provides a visual framework to discuss and learn Math.

Deepens learner's understanding of Math concepts

Our Teacher Authors

Rachael Mahmood

Rachael Batchu Mahmood is a teacher in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb outside of Chicago. She has taught 4th grade for 7 years and 5th grade for 3 years. Prior to teaching elementary school, Mahmood was a substitute teacher for a year and a preschool teacher for 5 years in a variety of pre-schools and park districts. In addition, to a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership, Ms. Mahmood is working on her Doctorate Degree in Teaching, Learning, Curriculum, and Instruction. She is currently completing her dissertation on increasing low-Income African-American parental involvement in suburban schools. In her district, Ms. Mahmood has worked on committees to write technology curriculum, Next Generation Science Standards Curriculum and math assessments. Her passion for innovative, engaging, and relevant curriculum is why she has enjoyed being a part of the Preptoon Team.

Andrew Palermo

Andrew spent the last five years teaching and working in schools in Delaware and Philadelphia. For the 2015-16 school year, he is returning to Louisiana to take a job as an Instructional Coach at ReNEW Charter Schools in New Orleans, where he will support and coach the math teachers in grades 3-5. Andrew holds a bachelors from Louisiana State University and a Masters in Elementary Education from Wilmington University. He has a passion for politics and providing low-income students a high-quality education. 

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