What is PrepToon?

PrepToon makes Math fun, engaging, and relevant for learners!  PrepToon contains interactive video simulations of real-world scenarios where Math skills are needed to solve problems.  Questions are posed to learners at different stopping points in the video and must be answered in order to progress through the scenario. Additional critical thinking oriented questions-related to the real world story scenario- are also provided to challenge students thinking and understanding of the Math concept. 

How do you use PrepToon?

Using PrepToon is Easy

Search: Use the Videos page to search PrepToon videos by Grade/Math Topic/Standards

Interact: Play video, answer interactive questions and get instant feedback. Challenge students with additional questions for each video. Users can also add objectives to each PrepToon video.

Support Learning: Visual graphs as well as detailed printable reports help track student progress and identfying areas of improvement.

What are the primary benefits of using PrepToon?

PrepToon piques students' interest, allows for a high level of interactivity, and it has a clutter-free-easy-to-navigate user interface. It allows for student independence as well as collaboration and also keeps track of student progress. It encourages critical thinking, develop problem solving skills and helps students connect deeper with Math concepts.

Can I try PrepToon for free?

Absolutely! PrepToon provides a free trial for 30 days for users to experience all PrepToon features. This includes access to the simulations for various Math topics in interactive mode, adding multiple student licenses and letting students use it independently and using the reporting features to keep track of student/child progress.

I’m a teacher. How can I use PrepToon in class?

Teachers can use PrepToon interactive video as part of their lesson plan for a particular Math topic. Features such as instant feedback provided for student’s responses, printable worksheets, and a dashboard/reporting to track student responses and progress make it a valuable tool for the teacher and saves teacher time. Teachers can either project it for the entire class OR use PrepToon student licenses that allow each student to access it independently OR use it for groups of students at Math stations/centers.

I’m a parent. How can I use PrepToon with my child/children?

PrepToon provides parents an excellent opportunity to get involved with their children’s Math learning.  Parental involvement in the learning progress is one of the key factors in ensuring student progress. PrepToon’s visually rich interactive simulations depicting real world scenarios, provides parents an easy at home activity that they can engage with and be able to have enriching Math discussions with their children. Children can also use it independently at home and parents can track their children’s progress through the dashboard.

I’m a homeschooler. How can I use PrepToon with my child/children?

PrepToon can be used across a wide age range of children (8 yrs to 12 yrs). It perfectly fits the need to depict real world scenarios where Math skills are needed and allows homeschoolers a way to engage their children and make Math more relevant for them. It also opens up children’s minds to other real world examples where Math skills need to be applied.  The easy search function allows homeschoolers to access PrepToon animations for various Math topics.

How have other teachers/parents/homeschoolers used PrepToon videos? 

Here are some specific ways users have successfully used PrepToon videos - introduce or review Math topics;  show real world problems to apply Math skills; engage students and help them focus; have enriching discussions related to the Math problem and concept;  help students pick up concepts quickly through the visuals; use at Math stations and Math centers; help students prepare for testing; do end of year reviews;

I’m a tutor. How can I use PrepToon with my students?

Tutors can use PrepToon to make Math exciting for their students! It provides an easy to use interface that provides students a new way of looking at Math problems and makes them think and apply Math skills to solve problems.  It will improve the student’s problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Can students/children have thier own PrepToon accounts?

Yes! PrepToon allows this through an easy Class Code feature that allows teacher/parent/homeschoolers to create and assign a unique class code that applies to one or more student/children. The class code then becomes the password for student/children accounts and eliminate the need for them to have to create and remember thier own passwords.

How does PrepToon track how well the student is doing?

PrepToon’s Dashboard organizes and displays all of student’s performace by topic using easy to read visual charts and also captures details of student responses in printable reports. Teachers and parents can view at any time student usage and performance over the last seven days. A date range select option also allows them to retrieve past history. 

Interested in purchasing PrepToon subscription?

PrepToon has various packages for teachers, parents and homeschoolers. Teachers can add from a single user license to upto forty licenses for their students. Parents can buy licenses for their children. See Pricing for additional details. School districts interested in purchasing can reach out to us directly at info@preptoon.com and avail of a discounted package.

Need to contact us?

PrepToon animations have been through multiple rounds of iterations based on user feedback and we are thrilled by the positive feedback on how it has benefited students of different learning levels. We hope you enjoy PrepToon animations as much as we enjoy creating them. And please do continue to give us feedback or ask any questions at info@preptoon.com